Frequently Asked Questions

What is accident reconstruction?
The analysis of the facts obtained from an accident investigation and the application of scientific principles for the purpose of determining how the accident occurred.

How much does a reconstruction cost?
The cost is strictly dependent on the time involved to gather facts, analyze and present opinions. Minimum costs to perform a reconstruction can be in the range of $1,500.00.

Are vehicle damage measurements always needed to reconstruct vehicle speed?

No. Certain types of collisions involving some vehicles may require knowledge of crush damage to reconstruct speed. Generally, scene data is more useful to determine of vehicle speed.

Are accident scene measurements of vehicle impact and rest positions always required to reconstruct an accident?

No. Scene measurements can be beneficial, but scene photographs and even witness testimony may provide the needed information.

Do all recently produced automobiles and trucks have data recorders that provide accident data?

No. Many GM, Ford and Chrysler automobiles and light trucks produced in recent years have event data recorders as part of the air bag system. These recording devices provide varying amounts of crash data. Some heavy trucks are equipped with data recording devices that are capable to record crash data.

Will the data recorders provide vehicle speed at impact and also speed prior to impact?

Some automobiles and light trucks record this data as do some heavy trucks.

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